B208 & E106 Papakea Resort, Maui

Random notes

We are really blessed to have our Maui condos. We really love it when  guests saying tell us how much they love the condo and appreciate all the extras we provide. Whenever we are in Maui, we are looking for ways to improve our guest experience. It could be replacing worn out bedding or adding some new kitchen implement or adding a great piece of art. For example, last month a guest asked if we had any way of making smoothies. We didn’t, even though we love making them at home. Right away we ordered two Magic Bullets, the perfect smoothie maker. Replacing bedding is actually a bit of a big deal. We have stayed in lots of places with worn out or stained bedding and we really notice it. I’m always amazed at how much bedding we toss out.

One of our friends on island is the president of the Kaanapali Golf Association. He has a deal for people that visit regularly and love to golf. I’ll post those details here when I get the info.

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